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…if you’re looking for the same tired, cliched leadership “advice” that’s been around since the last time John Maxwell had a full-time job (c. 1995). You know what I’m talking about:

  • “lead with integrity, and people will see your values and follow you”

  • “take care of people, and they’ll take care of you”

  • “mission first, people always!”

  • “be the first to arrive at the office in the morning, and the last to leave at night”

Those worn-out old maxims are basically LIES at this point. Here’s the reality: the business of leading people, and the culture that surrounds it, are rapidly evolving, for a whole lot of reasons. But, the most popular writers, thinkers, and consultants in the leadership arena are working off of old data, bad analysis, and mid-90s’ corporate culture cliches.

If you’re looking for that, this isn’t the newsletter for you. But if you want to get under the hood, and figure out what ACTUALLY makes people tick, and what motivates people to get out of bed and go to work in 2022, pull up a virtual chair, because this is absolutely the place to be.

Welcome to the New World!